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Welcome to the United Tae Kwon Do Student Center!  This is special place loaded with resources for you or your child's Taekwondo journey - Have fun checking it all out!  Each time you advance in rank, come back here and print out your new Curriculum and techniques so you can study for your next test.  Be sure to use the videos for practicing your Poomse and 1-Steps, too.  Check back regularly for news and updates, too! ENJOY!

Upcoming Events
Black Belt Promotion Presentation -- Tue Apr 4 @ 7:00
 • Celebrate the 8 Black Belt students who tested last October, as they receive their new, well-earned ranks!
Special Saturday Class -- Sat Apr 1 @ 10:00AM-1:00PM
 • Fun High-Energy Class at the school (not online)
 • Open to students of ALL Belt Ranks and Ages
Team Teen -- Wed Apr 12 @ 7:15-8:30
 • Open to teens age 12-16 of all ranks
 • Immedaitely after regular 6-7:15 class (must attend regular class)
 • 45 minute teen class followed by 30 minute social time in lobby
Quarterly Gub (Belt) Test -- Sat Apr 15 @ 10:00AM-1:00PM (9:30AM Warm Up)
Test Announcement - Students who we expect are or will be ready to test
Test Application - Hand in to Office or Email to [email protected]by April 4.
• Invoices will be Emailed to you soon - Please make payment online by April 4.

Student Information
School Flyer
School Rules -- Applies to ONLINE classes, too
How to tie your belt [Video]
How to apply your School Patch (Blue Belt and above)
Test Etiquette
How to Practice Poomse
Online Classes Zoom Login Procedure:

    1. Click this link:  
        Password: 8008
        Meeting ID: 694 449 1080
    2. MUTE your microphone & ENABLE your Video

Ages 5-7 (Children's) Curriculum & Test Requirements
Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
 • White Belt10th Gub Curriculum [Text]Children's Lesson 1 [Text] [Video]
  Children's Lesson 2 [Text] [Video]
 • High-White Belt9th Gub Curriculum [Text]Children's Lesson 3 [Text] [Video]
 • Yellow Belt8th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Il Jang - Half [Text] [Video]
 • High-Yellow Belt7th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Il Jang - Whole [Text] [Video]
 • Green Belt6th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Ee Jang - Half [Text] [Video]Introduction to 1-Steps [Video]
One-Steps A (1-3) [Text] [Video]
 • High-Green Belt5th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Ee Jang - Whole [Text] [Video]One-Steps A (4-6) [Text] [Video]
 • Blue Belt4th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Sam Jang [Text] [Video]One-Steps A (7-10) [Text] [Video]
 • High-Blue Belt3rd Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Sah Jang [Text] [Video]One-Steps A1 (1-10) [Text] [Video]
 • Red Belt2nd Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Oh Jang [Text] [Video]Three-Steps (1-10) [Text] [Video]
 • High-Red Belt1st Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Yuk Jang [Text] [Video]One-Steps B (1-9) [Text] [Video]
 • Bo-DanBo-Dan Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Chil Jang [Text] [Video]
+ Tae-Geuk Pahl Jang [Text]
One-Steps B1 (1-5) [Text] [Video]
One-Steps Advanced (1-5) [Text]

Ages 8+ (Juniors and Adults) Curriculum & Test Requirements
Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
 • White Belt10th Gub Curriculum [Text]Lesson 1 [Text] [Video]
Lesson 2 - half [Text] [Video]
Introduction to 1-Steps [Video]
One-Steps A (1-3) [Text] [Video]
 • High-White Belt9th Gub Curriculum [Text]Lesson 2 - whole [Text] [Video]One-Steps A (4-6) [Text] [Video]
 • Yellow Belt8th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Il Jang [Text1] [Text2] [Text3] [Video]One-Steps A (7-10) [Text] [Video]
 • High-Yellow Belt7th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Ee Jang [Text1] [Text2] [Text3] [Video]One-Steps A1 (1-5) [Text] [Video]
 • Green Belt6th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Sam Jang [Text1] [Text2] [Video]One-Steps A1 (6-10) [Text] [Video]
 • High-Green Belt5th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Sah Jang [Text1] [Text2] [Video]Three-Steps (1-3) [Text] [Video]
 • Blue Belt4th Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Oh Jang [Text1] [Text2] [Video]Three-Steps (4-6) [Text] [Video]
One-Steps B (1-5) [Text] [Video]
 • High-Blue Belt3rd Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Yuk Jang [Text1] [Text2] [Video]Three-Steps (7-10) [Text] [Video]
 • Red Belt2nd Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Chil Jang [Text1] [Text2] [Video]One-Steps B (6-9) [Text] [Video]
 • High-Red Belt1st Gub Curriculum [Text]Tae-Geuk Pahl Jang [Text] [Video]One-Steps B1 (1-5) [Text] [Video]
 • Bo-DanBo-Dan Curriculum [Text]Review ALL Poomse, ensuring:
1. Proper Pattern
2. Quality Technique and Focus
3. Impeccable Speed and Power 
One-Steps Advanced (1-5) [Text]

Black Belt (Any Age) Curriculum & Test Requirements
Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
 • Bo-DanBo-Dan Curriculum [Text]Review ALL PoomseOne-Steps Advanced (1-5) [Text]
 • Il Dan (1st Degree)Il-Dan Curriculum [Text]Koryo[Video1] [Video2]  One-Steps Advanced (6-11) [Text]
 • Ee Dan (2nd Degree)Ee-Dan Curriculum [Text]Geumgang[Video1] [Video2]
 • Kyosarnim (3rd Degree)
  "Student Instructor"
Sam-Dan Curriculum [Text]Taebaek [Video]
 • Sahbumnim (4th Degree)
  "Full Instructor"
Pyeongwon [Video]
 • Master (5th Degree)
  "Master Instructor"
Sipjin [Video]

Taekwondo Essays & Books
The Art of Taekwondo: Adventure in Self-Discovery by Grandmaster Moo Yong Lee
For the Love of Taekwondo by Mr. Reiss
A Respectful Approach to Taekwondo Training by Mr. Reiss

The Five Gifts of Taekwondo by Mr. Reiss
Bounce! 101 Essential Life Lessons by Mr. Reiss

Other Relevant Information
Awesome Slide-Show of Grandmaster Lee
Moo Duk Kwan Family Tree
Feelings Wheel
Korean Words-Translation and Alphabet by Miss Finnimore

Differences between Taekwondo, Kung Fu, and Karate

Grandmaster Pelletier's Colored Belt Poomse Videos
Kukkiwon's Taekwondo Poomse Videos Playlist
Anastasija Zolotic, 18, First US Woman Taekwondo Olympic Gold Medalist