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Welcome to the United Tae Kwon Do Student Center!  This is special place where you can find all sorts of resources for you or your child's Taekwondo journey! Feel free to look around!

As you progress in rank, we recommend printing and storing these documents in your own Taekwondo Binder. This will make it easy to reference and study for tests. Each time you advance in rank, you should come back here and print the newest guides.
  Be sure to use the videos for practicing your Poomse and 1-Steps, too.

Upcoming Events

    Saturday April 17 @ 9:00 AM

    • Colored Belt (Gub) Promotion Test
      Test list and details will be posted by March 20.

    Student Information
    School Flyer
    School Rules
    How to tie your belt [Video]
    How to apply your School Patch
    Test Etiquette
    How to Practice Poomse
    Online Classes Zoom Login Procedure:

        1. Click this link:   The password is: 8008
             (If you are asked, the Meeting ID is: 694 449 1080)
        2. MUTE your microphone & ENABLE your Video

    Children's Curriculum & Test Requirements (Ages 5-8)
    Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
     • White Belt10th Gub CurriculumChildren's Lesson 1 [Video] +
    Children's Lesson 2 [Video]
     • High-White Belt9th Gub CurriculumChildren's Lesson 3 [Video]
     • Yellow Belt8th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Il (1st) Jang - 1st Half [Video]
     • High-Yellow Belt7th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Il (1st) Jang - Whole [Video]
     • Green Belt6th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Ee (2nd) Jang - 1st Half [Video][Introduction to 1-Steps] +
    One-Steps A (1-3) [Video]
     • High-Green Belt5th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Ee (2nd) Jang - Whole [Video]One-Steps A (4-6) [Video]
     • Blue Belt4th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Sam (3rd) Jang [Video]One-Steps A (7-10) [Video]
     • High-Blue Belt3rd Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Sah (4th) Jang [Video]One-Steps A1 (1-10) [Video]
     • Red Belt2nd Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Oh (5th) Jang [Video]Three-Steps (1-10) [Video]
     • High-Red Belt1st Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Yuk (6th) Jang [Video]One-Steps B (1-9) [Video]
     • Bo-DanBo-Dan CurriculumTae-Geuk Chil (7th) Jang [Video] +
    Tae-Geuk Pahl (8th) Jang
    One-Steps B1 (1-5) [Video] +
    One-Steps Advanced (1-5)

    Juniors and Adults Curriculum & Test Requirements (Ages 9 - Adult)
    Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
     • White Belt10th Gub CurriculumLesson 1 [Video] +
    Lesson 2 (1st half) [Video]
    [Introduction to 1-Steps] +
    One-Steps A (1-3) [Video]
     • High-White Belt9th Gub CurriculumLesson 2 (2nd half) [Video]One-Steps A (4-6) [Video]
     • Yellow Belt8th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Il (1st) Jang [Alt1] [Alt2] [Video]One-Steps A (7-10) [Video]
     • High-Yellow Belt7th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Ee (2nd) Jang [Alt] [Alt2] [Video]One-Steps A1 (1-5) [Video]
     • Green Belt6th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Sam (3rd) Jang [Alt1] [Video]One-Steps A1 (6-10) [Video]
     • High-Green Belt5th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Sah (4th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]Three-Steps (1-3) [Video]
     • Blue Belt4th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Oh (5th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]Three-Steps (4-6) [Video] +
    One-Steps B (1-5) [Video]
     • High-Blue Belt3rd Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Yuk (6th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]Three-Steps (7-10) [Video]
     • Red Belt2nd Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Chil (7th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]One-Steps B (6-9) [Video]
     • High-Red Belt1st Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Pahl (8th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]One-Steps B1 (1-5) [Video]
     • Bo-DanBo-Dan CurriculumReview ALL Poomse, ensuring:
    1. Proper Pattern
    2. Quality Technique and Focus
    3. Impeccable Speed and Power 
    One-Steps Advanced (1-5)

    Black Belt Curriculum & Test Requirements
    Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
     • Bo-DanBo-Dan CurriculumReview ALL PoomseOne-Steps Advanced (1-5)
     • Il (1st) DanIl-Dan CurriculumKoryo [Video]One-Steps Advanced (6-11)
     • Ee (2nd) DanEe-Dan CurriculumGeum Gong [Video]
     • Sam (3rd) DanSam-Dan CurriculumTae Baek
     • Sah (4th) DanPyong Won

    Taekwondo Essays & Books
    The Art of Taekwondo: Adventure in Self-Discovery by Grandmaster Moo Yong Lee
    For the Love of Taekwondo by Mr. Reiss
    A Respectful Approach to Taekwondo Training by Mr. Reiss

    Bounce! 101 Essential Life Lessons by Mr. Reiss



    Tue Jan 19, 2021
    Today, the state announced new restriction details for sports, including martial arts.  These changes continue to confirm that we should remain online for the foreseeable future.  Specifically, martial arts continues to be rated as a "High Risk" sport and as such is "Prohibited Activity other than conditioning/non-contact skill building drills."  While our training sessions (as we had been training over the summer) meet this definition, it is still risky since martial arts is considered high-risk, prohibited, and many other martial arts are unlike ours, and do involve grapling, rolling, grabbing, etc. 

    In addition, masks are now required by everyone at all times, which could also be a danger for any type of cardio-vascular training.  The exemption stated is that if "the nature of play is such that two or more athletes would not be expected to have close contact."  Again, while our style of training (especailly under restricted rules) does follow this, most people would not assume martial arts would not have close contact. 

    As such, it remains prudent that we keep the physical school closed and continue to train online for everyone's safety.  Thank you for your understanding, and don't ever hesistate to ask for special instruction time with me or any of the black belt students, if you would like additional assistance.

    *** Fri Nov 20, 2020: Effective Immediately, we will be changing to ONLINE-ONLY classes again. ***

    Today, the state announced new restrictions for sports, including martial arts.  Here is a summary of the changes that affect us: (a) They moved martial arts back to a "high risk activity", after previously classifying it as a medium risk; (b) They defined a Team as "a group of more than 4 people jointly engaged in an organized or recreational athletic activity on a court, field, etc." By this definition, we are a team and should not train in groups larger than 4 indoors; (c) They specifically stated that for martial arts instruction, "Masks now required, no exceptions" whereas previously we had been instructed to not wear masks for vigorous training when separated 12' or non-vigorous when separated 6'.

    Due to these changes, we are moving back to ONLINE-ONLY Taekwondo Instruction, until further notice.  We trained brilliantly online for 5 months (March through July) and made really terrific progress.  We'll continue to do the same again until we're allowed to train in-person at the school again.  Perhaps we'll even have the January test online, too.  I always feel we're much better off safe than sorry!  Thank you for understanding - YOUR CONTINUED MARTIAL ARTS TRAINING IS ESSENTIAL AT THIS TIME!

    I am here for you!  If you would like to spend a few minutes working on something after class anytime, just let me know.  If you would like to schedule a private zoom session to work on some specific element of your Taekwondo training, just let us know.  If you would like to just "Say Hi" and have a friendly conversation, just call.  You can Email us at or call anytime at 860-289-8008.  I'll miss seeing you in-person but know that we're still Taekwondo Family online, just as we were at the school, as we advance our martial arts training together!