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This is special place where you can find all sorts of resources for you or your child's Taekwondo journey! Feel free to look around. As you progress in rank, we recommend printing and storing these documents in your own Taekwondo Binder! This will make it easy to reference and study for tests. Each time you go up in rank, you should come back here and print the newest guides.

Upcoming Special Events

 • Monday, March 23 @ 6:00-7:15 PM - Special training with Grandmaster Waldron
at the Academy of Martial Arts, 1404 Tolland Tpke, Manchester, CT

    Open to Adults, Juniors, and Blackbelts (sorry, no children)

 • Saturday, October 3, 2020 - US Cup Memorial Training Seminar and Fundraiser
    East Catholic High School Gymnasium, Manchester, CT
    Training will most likely be in the morning with a late luncheon & fundraiser immediately following.
    Details will be forthcoming.  Open to All Students.

Opportunities to Assist
 • Thursday, March 19 @ 4:30-5:30 - Anna E. Norris Crossroads SHOWCASE event!
    The children in our last program will be showcasing what they learned.

    Please come and help them demonstrate.

 • Thursdays in February, March, April & May @ 3:45-5:00 (except Mar 19 @ 12:15-1:30)
Bolton YWCA Aftershool Program

    104 Notch Road, Bolton, CT 06043
    Open to Adults, Juniors, and Blackbelts (sorry, no children)

 • Tuesdays on March 10, 24, & 31, and April 7, 21, & 28 (make up May 5) @ 4:00-5:15
East Hartford Crossroads at Pitkin Elementary School
    330 Hills St, East Hartford, CT 06118

    Open to Adults, Juniors, and Blackbelts (sorry, no children)

Basic Information for All Students

 • School Flyer
 • School Rules
 • How to tie your belt [Video]
 • How to apply your School Patch
 • Test Etiquette

Children's Curriculum & Test Requirements (Ages 5-8)

Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
 • White Belt10th Gub CurriculumChildren's Lesson 1 [Video] & Lesson 2 [Video]
 • High-White Belt9th Gub CurriculumChildren's Lesson 3 [Video]
 • Yellow Belt8th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Il (1st) Jang - 1st Half [Video]
 • High-Yellow Belt7th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Il (1st) Jang - Whole [Video]
 • Green Belt6th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Ee (2nd) Jang - 1st Half [Video]One-Steps A (1-3)
 • High-Green Belt5th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Ee (2nd) Jang - Whole [Video]One-Steps A (4-6)
 • Blue Belt4th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Sam (3rd) Jang [Video]One-Steps A (7-10)
 • High-Blue Belt3rd Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Sah (4th) Jang [Video]One-Steps A1 (1-10)
 • Red Belt2nd Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Oh (5th) Jang [Video]Three-Steps (1-10)
 • High-Red Belt1st Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Yuk (6th) Jang [Video]One-Steps B (1-9)
 • Bo-DanBo-Dan CurriculumTae-Geuk Chil (7th) Jang [Video] +
Tae-Geuk Pahl (8th) Jang
One-Steps B1 (1-5) +
One-Steps Advanced (1-5)

Juniors and Adults Curriculum & Test Requirements (Ages 9 - Adult)

Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
 • White Belt10th Gub CurriculumLesson 1 [Video] & Lesson 2 (1st half) [Video]One-Steps A (1-3)
 • High-White Belt9th Gub CurriculumLesson 2 (2nd half) [Video]One-Steps A (4-6)
 • Yellow Belt8th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Il (1st) Jang [Alt1] [Alt2] [Video]One-Steps A (7-10)
 • High-Yellow Belt7th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Ee (2nd) Jang [Alt] [Alt2] [Video]One-Steps A1 (1-5)
 • Green Belt6th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Sam (3rd) Jang [Alt1] [Video]One-Steps A1 (6-10)
 • High-Green Belt5th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Sah (4th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]Three-Steps (1-3)
 • Blue Belt4th Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Oh (5th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]Three-Steps (4-6) +
One-Steps B (1-5)
 • High-Blue Belt3rd Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Yuk (6th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]Three-Steps (7-10)
 • Red Belt2nd Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Chil (7th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]One-Steps B (6-9)
 • High-Red Belt1st Gub CurriculumTae-Geuk Pahl (8th) Jang [Alt1] [Video]One-Steps B1 (1-5)
 • Bo-DanBo-Dan CurriculumReview ALL PoomseOne-Steps Advanced (1-5)

Black Belt Curriculum & Test Requirements

Current RankCurriculumPoomse/LessonsSparring
 • Bo-DanBo-Dan CurriculumReview ALL PoomseOne-Steps Advanced (1-5)
 • Il (1st) DanIl-Dan CurriculumKoryo [Video]One-Steps Advanced (6-11)
 • Ee (2nd) DanGeum Gong [Video]
 • Sam (3rd) DanTae Baek
 • Sah (4th) DanPyong Won

Taekwondo Essays
The Art of Taekwondo: Adventure in Self-Discovery by Grandmaster Moo Yong Lee
For the Love of Taekwondo by Mr. Reiss
A Respectful Approach to Taekwondo Training by Mr. Reiss

Bounce! 101 Essential Life Lessons by Mr. Reiss

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